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Strachan 861

Strachan 861

Strachan 861 420g/m2
The Strachan 861 is a non-directional worsted (speed) cloth to assure constant speed in all directions. It has a smooth, precise surface which has been specially developed by Simonis in Belgium for the IPA professional tournaments. 861 is known for its durability and speed but also needs no ironing. The Strachan 861 Cloth gives you a flat, flawless playing surface. Full Rolls: 165cm (65″) in Powder Blue Cut Packs: Powder Blue


S4085FR63Strachan 861 Worsted 63" wide (full roll per metre)
S4085.7PBCStrachan 861 7ft Pool Bed & Cushions
S4085.6PBCStrachan 861 6ft Pool Bed & Cushions
    R5 000,00Price
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