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Amber Ale all grain ingredients kit makes pints a sweet and malty red ale with a rich hop character. We used lots of crystal and caramel malts with USA hops to give a soft malt base with caramel and toffee flavours, balanced by a decent hop bitterness and citrus, floral, and resinous hop aroma.

  • Hoppiness rating 4/5 
  • Colour 3/5 
  • Taste: Bitter citrus hops balanced with sweet Amber malts, tasty and fresh.
  • Aroma: Citrus, zesty, resinous, floral.
  • Approx. 5.3% ABV.


This is an all grain beer brew kit where the grains need to be mashed in a pot to extract the malt extract and then boiled with hops and cooled prior to fermenting - the same process as used in breweries, so you are brewing a Craft beer on a small batch scale.

The kit comes with a sachet of dried brewer’s yeast specific to the beer type - please note live yeasts must be stored in the fridge until the night before or 4/5 hours before you plan to use them.

This Simple All Grain brew kits have all the ingredients, sugars, and cleaning products to produce your own quality beers and ales.

Includes the freshly milled malts, hops, and yeast in the exact quantities you need to brew a craft Ale. The full simple step by step instructions for brewing this kit are supplied with the kit.

To brew and serve this beer kit you will need this equipment.

  • Mashing - pot and mash or muslin bag to mash the grains and boil with your hop additions
  • Fermenting equipment - such as a demijohn or fermenting bin fitted with airlock and bung, a siphon, hydrometer, thermometer, equipment steriliser,
  • Bottling- glass bottles or equivalent bottles to capacity (PET screw topped bottles or glass bottles with crown caps and capper). You can reuse your own glass bottles, but you will need a capper and caps.

If you have a brew starter kit or similar your demijohn will be fine, but we recommend you also get a muslin or fine straining bag for the mash (which contains the grain and makes a clearer beer) and a thermometer and hydrometer (which helps you determine when the brew is ready to bottle and get your fermenting temp right).

All Simple all grain recipe kits are available in 4.5L, 11L, 19L, and 23L all grain versions and 11L and 23L Extract version kit. If you want to try a larger batch you will need a larger fermenter and a bigger mashing pot, and more bottles but the rest of the equipment is the same. We also do these brew kits in Extract versions where most of the grain is pre mashed, the Extract kits have steeping grains and hops to boil prior to fermentation which cuts down the time taken to ready your brew for fermentation and allows you to use a smaller pot if necessary.



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