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Elkmaster Tips

Elkmaster Tips

SKU: S2016

Elkmaster Tips
The world's best selling snooker cue tip for many years manufactured from blue chrome leather by Tweeten Fibre Co in the U.S.A.


Available in:

S2016-B08   Box of fifty 8mm tips

S2016-B08.5   Box of fifty 8.5mm tips

S2016-B09   Box of fifty 9mm tips

S2016-B09.5   Box of fifty 9.5mm tips

S2016-B10   Box of fifty 10mm tips

S2016-B11   Box of fifty 11mm tips

S2016-B12   Box of fifty 12mm tips

S2016-B13   Box of fifty 13mm tips


S2016-C08 - Card of five 8mm tips

S2016-C08.5 - Card of five 8.5mm tips

S2016-C09 - Card of five 9mm tips

S2016-C09.5 - Card of five 9.5mm tips

S2016-C10 - Card of five 10mm tips

S2016-C11 - Card of five 11mm tips

S2016-C12 - Card of five 12mm tips

S2016-C13 - Card of five 13mm tips

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