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Blue Diamond Tips

Blue Diamond Tips

SKU: S2014

Blue Diamond Leather Tips

The best known snooker tip in the world. Made in the USA by Brunswick from hand-selected water buffalo hide. This tip is infused with velvet-grade silica for maximum adherence and formed under 40,000 pounds of pressure to ensure uniform density.


Boxes of 50 tips


S2014-B09 - Box of 50 9mm

S2014-B10 - Box of 50 10mm

S2014-B11 - Box of 50 11mm

S2014-B12 - Box of 50 12mm


Cards of 5 tips


S2014-C09 - Card of 5  9mm

S2014-C10 - Card of 5  10mm

S2014-C11 - Card of 5  11mm

S2014-C12 - Card of 5  12mm

    All orders are shipped from the UK. Please pre order and allow time for shipping.
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