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6811 Club

6811 Club

6811 Club 28oz 460g/m2
Fast, high quality, affordable Club snooker cloth. Full Rolls: 193cm (76″) Olive Green, Blue or Red Cut Packs: Olive Green


S4028FR6811 Club 76" wide (full roll per metre)
S4028.12SBO6811 Club Full Size Snooker Bed Only
S4028.12SBC6811 Club Full Size Snooker Bed & Cushions
S4028.10SBO6811 Club 10ft Snooker Bed Only
S4028.10SBC6811 Club 10ft Snooker Bed & Cushions
S4028.9SBC6811 Club 9ft Snooker Bed & Cushions
S4028.8SBC6811 Club 8ft Snooker Bed & Cushions
    R8 000,00Price
    All orders are shipped from the UK. Please pre order and allow time for shipping.
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